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DISSYMMETRIES: Leg length discrepancy

Dissymetries are one of the most frequent issues riders complaint about. They may cause discomfort and pain.

What is it? It is a leg length difference between both legs. In other words, femur and tibia or both of them are longer in one leg in comparison to the other one.

The following are the most common symptoms when riding:

· Low-back pain, specially in one side.

· More pressure on one side of the saddle

· Feelling of performing more powerful with one leg than the other

· Feelling of not fully extend one of the legs while pedalling.

If you feel one of these symptoms you may suffer from a real dissymetry. In this case you should visit a professional and get a lower limb telemetry to measure both legs.


Shims are the best solution to correct real dissymetries. They must be placed between the cleat and the cycling shoe in order to balance your leg length.

Shim width will be determined by dissymetry length, which can be 100% compensated. We strongly recommend to do it progressively and under professional supervision in order to assess not only the overall cyclist position but also the pedal power performed with each leg.

DISSYMMETRIES: Leg length discrepancy - Fit4bike